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Hello Ray and Susana!  We’re so excited to learn more about you and your yoga practice.  So let’s jump right into it…

So, how long have you been a couple?  And how long have you shared BYW practice?

We have been a couple for almost 29 years!  And, we have practiced at BYW together for 5 ½ years.

WOW how amazing is that!  26 years together and practicing at our studio together for almost 6 years.  We celebrated our 6 year anniversary in February which means you started out with us!  Tell me, who started first with BYW and how does practicing together motivate you?

I (Ray) started first at BYW first and invited Susana to come to the studio as my guest – Susana had never stepped foot into a yoga studio before. 

We are motivated by continuing to eat well and to organize our schedules so that our practice is a priority.   And staying hydrated!!!!

Share with us how your practice has impacted your relationship?

Sharing our practice together has given us a common community and common conversation.  It has helped us develop our compassion muscles and our humor core.

Ray and Susana can’t wait to see you again in the HOT ROOM!

We love to share your stories.  It’s so important and does so much service to you as well as to others.    THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us on how a committed practice has and continues to improve your health and wellness!   If you are a current member and  interested in sharing your story, we would love to hear from you.  Please send us an email at and until then …see you on the mat!


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