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The challenge is over & I survived – yaaayyy – & wow, do I feel amazing!  I wanted to send you a quick note of gratitude I know I’ve thanked you before but honestly, I owe you my life.  Almost two years ago, I started my 30 day yoga special at Riverdale & I remember making a promise to myself – if I made it through this class, I would return.

“At the time I was close to 400lbs, diagnosed with uterine cancer and feeling hopeless.  I was battling with my weight, my health and my happiness. I struggled with going out with my friends and family, and even just walking my daughter into school. I was in a dark place battling so much of myself.”

Today I stand before you a very different woman, a woman who has found her joy again!  I mean,  I knew there was a Malaika inside of me that I could look into the mirror and be happy with but I didn’t know how to find her – you did though!

“It wasn’t just yoga that helped me, it was you & the BYR community that pushed me past my comfort zone.  It was your hugs, encouraging words and gentle emails reminding me that, “you still got this girl.” Maybe too it was a little of Omekongo screaming “stop giving up” in hot Pilates! Also some of Maudi reminding me to “stop the excuses” and Sylvia pushing me beyond my limits. Kerry’s passion in class and Ambiya not accepting anything but my best surely kept me focused on many days! Lashone’s beautiful spirit & Allison reminding me to eat raw vegetables! Daveda’s weight loss tips and Helena’s gentle demeanor. Also Ms. Vanita’s smile, David’s music and Tarsha forcing me to “do those bear crawls girl”- ugh lol. I will never forget Amber “making me” do 4 classes in one day at the Oneness festival!  & I can’t forget about my sister from another mother, Ty, who envisions me reaching my goal even when I can’t see past the sweat rolling into my eyes as I plank!, & constantly reminds me stay focused. When I put all this together the end result is a true family.

So my sister Kendra, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my head for not only investing in me, but in my family as well.  You’ve worked with me & helped me bring my jewel Maddiecake along, many times for free.  You encouraged me to enter my 1st Ready Set Reset Challenge & in the end honored my work with a 1 year free membership – what a blessing.  But most of all, you believed in me.

I’m filled with so much emotion because you saw the strength in me before I did…now that’s humanity at is best!!   Thank you, thank you and thank you, you are my Angel and I love you beyond words my sister!

Malaika Younger


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