Yvonne GonzalezInstructor

    An athlete for most of her young life, Yvonne played rugby for a Division I Rugby team throughout college and into her late 20s. In retirement and after many bone breaks or ligament tears, she took up long distance running for a period but still craved the intensity, focus and passion she often found on the rugby pitch. As an athlete, training was a way of life and she missed it. In 2009, by accident, she came across one of Chicago’s Bikram Yoga studios and immediately fell for the practice.

    By 2017, after practicing Inferno Hot Pilates for just over a year, she made the commitment and jump to certify as a Hot Pilates instructor because she believes its complementary movements can only make her yoga practice better and vice versa. Today, she teaches.Practicing and the experience of teaching has provided her withincredible focus, drive and tranquility in a community of friendship and like-minded souls.

    That feeling you get when your practice is done, your shirt is soaked through dripping in sweat, and you’re just a little shaky from the exertion and focus….that’s when you think “I did it, I really did it. And I’m coming back and doing it all over again tomorrow.”

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