Steven PhanInstructor

    I dragged my friend to my first Bikram Yoga class in 2009, and I have been practicing regularly ever since. I noticed immediately that I had increased mental clarity, and emotional strength and stability. In that way it’s changed my life, only for the better. Before Bikram I was shy and unfocused; I had little drive and motivation. Now I know that I’m able to own whatever is coming my way – with a little bit more grace and occasionally a bit of style.

    I went to teacher training to develop my own practice and my own being. Teaching has allowed me to be a better person all-around. I love teaching because it allows me to share this amazing practice with others. The best part of teaching Bikram Yoga is seeing the amazing changes people go through in their practice! It’s so rewarding to see students come in stressed, sad, angry, etc. etc. etc., and see them leave a lot more relaxed and happy.

    One of the things that I love most about Bikram Yoga is that it is constantly changing. It’s a different class with its own unique challenges every time I step onto the mat.

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