Dr. Omekongo DibingaDirector

Dr. Omekongo reluctantly took his first class in 2010. After his second class, however, he began to see immediate benefits and has been practicing ever since. He has always been committed to his health but the yoga provides him a level of balance needed for his demanding work schedule. He says: “As someone who gets paid to speak and perform for a living, it’s nice to be in an environment where I can just be silent and reconnect with myself. Seeing the benefits that yoga has provided for my wife and I led me to want to do whatever possible to bring it to as many people as possible! Namaste!”

When Dr. Omekongo is not on the mat, he works to empower young people and those working with young people. He is a motivational speaker, trilingual poet, TV talk show host, rapper, and doctoral candidate. His Urban Music Award winning work has been described by Nikki Giovanni as “outstanding, exciting, and new while being very old.” His book, From the Limbs of My Poetree was described by Essence Magazine as “a remarkable and insightful collection of exquisite poetry that touches sacred places within your spirit.” He was one of 5 recipients out of 750,000 to win the first ever “CNN iReport Spirit Award.” He has spoken before the United Nations, partners with public and private schools in America as well as with the State Department overseas to conduct youth leadership trainings, and speaks about leadership and diversity at conferences across the globe.

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