Mimi HallInstructor

    I started practicing Bikram Yoga in Boston in 2004 when I moved back to Boston from San Francisco and couldn’t get warm. I finally lost that chill in my bones after the first class, so I kept going back for more. I’d practiced yoga for years, but I had never encountered anything like this – the heat and structure of the challenging postures in Bikram Yoga continue to captivate me.

    I knew I wanted to deepen my own Bikram practice when I went to teacher training, but I wasn’t sure that I was going to teach. Then, when I came back from training, I fell in love with the practice of leading people through their series and taught yoga full time for several years. My favorite part of teaching is watching people fall in love with the series and the way that it transforms them. My favorite quote about Bikram Yoga is “Yoga makes you, you.”

    I love the meditation, ritual and community that Bikram Yoga offers. For me, this is a practice of ego-busting acceptance in each class. There’s something about the act of remaining calm while suffering that’s allowed me to take on increasingly greater challenges in all aspects of my life and to generally suffer less outside of the hotroom.

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