Maggie SullivanInstructor

    Maggie Sullivan started as an avid Hot Pilates student in the fall of 2016. Although yoga wasn’t her “cup of tea” she took a class with Ambiya Binta in February of 2017 and fell in love! She has competed in high school, college and recreational athletics and still continues to play football and softball today. As an athlete, training always meant lifting heavier or running faster. In the fall of 2017, she attended the Casa Om Retreat where she gained insight into self-appreciation through Bikram Yoga.  Maggie is now a firm believer that training begins with the mind and self-love. When she’s not sweating (aka practicing) she is coaching youth sports, whipping up some delicious cupcakes or perhaps binge watching Netflix (after yoga, of course).

    When you see yourself clearly, with eyes full of love and acceptance, you hold space for others to meet you at your highest self” –Karly Ryan

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