Lashone WilsonInstructor

    LaShone has been practicing yoga for over thirteen years and is a full time yoga and mindfulness teacher. She teaches yoga to hundreds of children in the DC Public schools, Bikram and other forms of yoga throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. She recently won the 2015 NAACP Hometown Champion Award for sharing yoga and mindfulness with children and adults in the DMV.

    With a mission to share the gift of yoga especially to children and women, she founded One Breath At A Time, LLC to spread the effective teachings of yoga to children and families. Her curriculum is designed to meet the child wherever they are emotionally, socially and physically and includes a class grounded in mindfulness, meditation, age appropriate yoga postures, creativity, journalling, music and storytelling. She is trained to teach yoga to children with ADHD, Autism, physical and or other differences.

    Lashone continues to break down barriers by collaborating with hospitals and therapeutic programs for underserved women by offering yoga instruction to improve overall health and wellness. Her life’s mission is to empower people through mindful movement, breath work and self care.

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