Kylah MonroeInstructor

    I started practicing Bikram Yoga regularly right after I graduated from college. I began practicing in earnest to achieve the physical benefits. I soon realized that the sense of peace and equilibrium that Bikram Yoga brought to my mind was the crucial benefit that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

    In the back of my mind, I always thought I’d go to teacher training: “Someday.” In reality, I was never going to feel “ready” and it was never going to be the “right time.” At a time when I was going through a really difficult stretch of life where nothing felt right, a Bikram Yoga teacher asked me why I didn’t go to the teacher training that was to start three weeks later. That was the nudge that I needed: I booked a flight and never looked back.

    Bikram Yoga makes me feel like a different person when I enter and when I leave the room. The ability to wipe the slate clean mentally and physically in 90 minutes still continues to amaze me. A Bikram Yoga class gives me a clearer, brighter outlook on whatever is going on in my life, and makes my body and mind feel calmer, healthier, and more balanced. That may be why my favorite quote about Bikram Yoga is “Re-energize, revitalize, reorganize”.

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