Jeanine PolesInstructor

    I started practicing Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Quincy in summer 2006. I practiced in a T-shirt and running shorts for the first year. When I started, my legs were completely bent in Standing Separate Leg Stretching, my hips couldn’t touch the floor in Fixed Firm and Standing Head-to-Knee was a no-go. It would take everything to pick my foot up and lock my knee — torture. I also hardly spoke: I came in for class and left right after.

    In spite of all of that I still felt amazing after class, and by sticking with it I got some control over my monkey mind and started healing my body.

    Deciding to go to teacher training in 2013 pushed me to practice consistently. It also came with having to learn the dialogue and actually stand up in front of people and talk. It forced me out of my shell. I went from hardly talking to being able to stand up and teach. This Yoga has been a huge tool for me in enriching my life. My body is healthy and I have met and know so many wonderful people through it. Walking in for my first class I could have never imagined I would be where I am now. I start my fifth year of teaching this year! I still really enjoy it and always try and keep it in my life.

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