Bikram Blend 🀩 with Kerry

Get your heart pumping as if you’re a bout to go on a first date because this hyperspeed class is a blend of Bikram and Vinyasa yoga is a local heart throb.

Bikram Yoga πŸ† with Ambiya

Lock your knee. Lock your knee. LOCK YOUR KNEE! Get ready to conquer your fears in this 90 minute class.

Bikram Yoga πŸŒ‹ with Kylah

Pull out your most absorbent towel and get ready to sweat like never before!

Bikram Yoga 🌈 with Maisha

Wake up your body with deep side and chest openers in Half Moon!

Bikram Yoga πŸ’₯ with Muadi Dibinga

If you want to be held accountable during today’s Bikram practice then you need to take Muadi’s class. She’ll call out sloppy work immediately. And even though you know she can’t really be talking to you…she’s talking to you. πŸ˜… You will need a mat, towel, and water for class.

Bikram Yoga 60 πŸ’₯ with Adam

Get ready for a sweaty sixty minutes of yoga with Adam! You will need a mat, towel, water, and determination.

Bikram Yoga 90 ⚑️ with Kylah

What you need from our yoga practice can change from day to day. If what you need to day a precise direction and clarity then take this Bikram Yoga class with Kylah! πŸ”πŸ‘πŸ‘ You will need a mat, towel, and water for class.

Bikram Yoga 90 πŸŒ‹ with Lucas

Lucas is back with another challenging class! πŸ’ͺ🏽 Put on your yoga gear and get ready to got deeper into your practice. You will need a mat, towel, and water for class.

Bikram Yoga 90 β˜„οΈ with Kendra

Bikram yoga 90 minute class w/Kendra.

Bikram Yoga Dialogue with Lucas

Just the dialogue. No distractions.

Bikram Yoga Intermediate πŸ“Ώ with Ambiya

If you’ve ever wondered about trying out arm balances then this is the place for you! Infuse your 26 and 2 practice with about 40 more postures 🀯

Bikram Yoga Power Express 🌜 with Adam

Bikram PLUS Music?!? Let’s break the rules just this once, click HERE.

Hot Pilates 😝 Tricia

Hot workout with Tricia!

Hot Pilates πŸ’¦ with Yvonne

You’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally here! A high powered pilates workout with Yvonne.

Hot Pilates πŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ with Donna

Crush your core exercise with Donna! Concise and too the point you won’t have to worry about missing any muscle groups. You will need a mat, towel, and water.

Hot Pilates w/ David Clark

Hot pilates full body/core workout w/ Dr. O.

Hot pilates w/ Kendra

Hot pilates full body/core workout.

Planksgiving w/ Dr O

75 minute full body mash up!

Vinyasa Yoga 🌀 with Adam


Vinyasa Yoga 🌀 with Ayana

It’s LEG DAY here at BYW. Take a deep breath…and step onto your mat.

Yin Yoga πŸ₯³ Kamaria

Slow down and work your yin tissues for a change.

Yin Yoga πŸ’†πŸΏβ€β™€οΈwith Kamaria

Find your inner peace and a deep release with Yin Yoga! You will need a mat, blanket, and block/book for class.

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