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How long have you been practicing Bikram?   Since October, 2002 – twice a week generally, unless injured or sick or away.  Three times a week for the last six months…



What got you into the practice?   Injured my hamstrings playing squash, for the third time, and decided I needed to do something different – and I had cut out an article in the Wall Street Journal about Bikram Yoga – I figured I would like the heat.  It was more compelling than I expected.

After my first session it was clear that I wanted to be doing it for the next 20 (and more) years!



What have you received from the practice? A much stronger core, more flexibility and balance, and tons of energy!


Your favorite posture and why? The one I look forward to the most is standing-separate leg stretching (because the tough balancing series is over and I can catch my breath); also the next one, triangle, because it is difficult and I can do it reasonably well.

A fun fact about you that most people don’t know. In my college years I was a mountaineer: ice and rock climbing on Mt. Washington, in the Gunks, and in the Canadian Yukon and British Columbia.  We also built a cabin for ice climbing on Mt. Washington – still in operation in the wintertime for ice climbers in Huntington Ravine and other winter enthusiasts.

Ted is 78 and feeling great.  An absolute Warrior on and off the mat!



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