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Our virtual classes have given our community the unique chance to meet and connect with teachers from our other locations like Lucas Lambert who teaches at Bikram Yoga Works Boston.  We got a chance to chat with him where he opened up about at-home practice tips and what he’s learned during this time regarding mental health and connection.

What is your inspiration for teaching?

The opportunity to contribute.  Throughout my life I’ve felt compelled to share the things that make a difference in my own life.  Yoga practice gives me access to greater health and happiness.  Yoga hasn’t just saved my life; It saves my life over and over again.  It actively improves the quality of my life.

I derive great pleasure from teaching classes and I am inspired by other students and teachers.
What is one important lesson that quarantine has taught you?

The important of strength in community.  While I don’t outwardly display it often, (and am told that my happiness can be contagious), I sometimes struggle with anxiety.  I manage it well in my day to day life and I think maybe I gave myself too much credit for that.  Being taken away from my team at work, from my family, from my yoga community; has certainly had an impact on me. I see now how important human connection is to my vitality. I am so grateful for technology and how we connect over the internet.

While technology it is not a replacement for the touching, hugs, and in-person love that I remember, it is carrying me through this situation and has made me value even more the communities that I am a member of.

What is your advice for those practicing at home?

During practices, allow your curiosity to lead. Use your mind to focus on what is possible, what you can discover, how you can connect with your body in the moment. It is an easy place to stumble into, thinking about what you used to be able to do in the hot room and what you CAN’T do right now.  But those thoughts will not serve your practice.

Cherish every breath, and every experience and find love through accepting yourself now, exactly the way that you are.  And also… enjoy yourself.  Have fun with it.
Tell us about what you are learning about teaching on-line and how that has either changed or improved your teaching?

To be honest the idea of teaching on-line did not thrill me. The first class that I taught on-line was on fb live, so I could not see the students.  It grew on me a little bit and I have some fun with it but it has it’s limits.  Teaching on zoom has grown on me a lot. It has been a wonderful experience.  Being a teacher who makes individual corrections, the ability to view the students on zoom has made a world of difference.


Without exaggeration, I sometimes feel so connected with the class that the virtual room almost becomes a real one.  I’m teaching students from other areas who I have never met and I am falling in love with them.  And I see some familiar faces who I have met in-person in the past and it brightens up my day.  

I’m not sure how to pin down specifically something that has changed or improved, but I have found happiness in an experience that, had we not been in our current situation, I don’t know that I would have participated in.

Thank you!
Lucas 💟
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