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We have such a great source of support and community!  This week, let’s talk to Jerome S. Paige.  He’s not just a member of BYW, Jerome also leads the Yoga Nidra offerings for BYW and has recorded and posted some audio meditation tracks for the community during this period of “sheltering in place.”  Let’s get to know him a bit more…

How long have you practiced Bikram Yoga?

“I took my first “official” class in October 2003. Word had reached us at the Rock Creek Sports Club where I was taking yoga classes that Jim, the owner of Bikram Yoga Tenleytown, was sponsoring a weekend with Bikram, himself.

I participated, but was turned off by Bikram, the person, and didn’t follow up. I had a buddy that wanted to the try the practice so I went with him to Tenleytown on the first Wednesday in February 2004. I got hooked and have been practicing since.”

Jerome’s been practicing with us for years. In fact, he joined BYW within our first two years of being opened.

What made you want to join BikramYogaWorks? 

“It’s reputation. While I was practicing at Tenleytown, some of my fellow practitioners also practiced at the Bethesda Bikram studio and they kept encouraging me to take a class from Kendra. I never got around to it. Then, they said I needed to check out the Riverdale Studio.

And it was not just the practitioners. Teachers would tell me that something “magical” was happening at Riverdale.

I eventually, made my way there as I followed Ambiya there, who had shifted to teach there from the Takoma studio before it became part of the BYW network. When I took my first class at Riverdale, I experienced the “magic” that practitioners and teachers had been telling me about.”

Why did you start Bikram Yoga?

“I had started my yoga practice in 2002 to augment my running career. I wanted to extend my jogging activities, and I thought this would a helpful resource. In pursuing my yoga practice, I found my way to Bikram Yoga. After my first class in 2004, I got hooked.  My jogging career ended soon after that, but my yoga practice continued.”

What is your favorite pose?

“One I can’t do — Standing Head to Knee pose.

This is my favorite because it’s the most challenging for me. I know that once I get this, I will have mastered the poses and I can retire (joking).”

What is your least favorite pose? 

“Until recently, it was the beginning of setting up for the pose where you have to grab your feet and straighten out your knees for the Head to Knee pose. It’s been a miserable pose until recently when I changed my diet. One of the challenges was pressing my stomach against my upper part of my leg. My belly was rebelling. Now, I’m more careful about what and when I eat before class.”

Have you continued to practice Bikram Yoga while at home during COVID-19? What has your experience been? 

“One, it has revitalized my practice. I’ve been practicing for a long time, but didn’t realize that I was in a rut. With having to practice at home, I had to become more self-conscious of the practice, which rejuvenated me. I now practice like someone is watching.

The online classes have been a huge value added to the experience. There were classes that I’ve always wanted to take, but couldn’t due to my schedule and the distance of the studio from my home and work. During this time, I’ve been able to take classes throughout the day and it’s been a great experience to join new classes and not have to travel”

What is your favorite thing about the BYW community?

“It’s the “magic” I mentioned. My fellow practitioners and teachers knew there was something different and special about the BYW community.

At my first visit, I experienced the enchantment. I instantly saw and felt what everyone had been trying to tell me. There was so much diversity – race, gender, ethnicity, body composition, and more.

There were no “typical yoga stereotypes.” Every “BODY” was just “doing” yoga.

When I was growing up, there was a popular song by The Drifters: “This Magic Moment.” That tune popped into my head during my first class at BYW. That yoga moment was so different and so new…. And, the magic continues.”


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