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How long have you been a couple? And how long have you shared the BYW practice?

We are high school sweethearts in our 34th year as a couple.

Our practice together began probably June of 2019 with random Bikram and Pilates classes.  We mostly practice Pilates because Mark really does’t like Bikram Yoga.   …at least not yet.

Who started first with BYW and how does practicing together motivate you? 

I started October 2018 at Mt Vernon.  My preference is still Bikram Yoga but doing Pilates with my hubby  3-4x /month along with our swimming 2-3x/week has helped us to loose inches.

Mark has dropped 3 pants sizes while Pilates has helped me to start toning and tightening my challenging midsection.

In addition to the energy that our fellow practitioners, Maisha, Yvonne, & Ty bring, seeing an encouraging smile from Mark and listening to his trash talking makes it fun and special.

How has sharing your practice impacted your relationship?

Practicing together has helped us to keep an unofficial date night or meet up with a few of our fellow yogis after class at the Marketplace.
DaVeana and Juliliete, thank you for your encouragement and willingness to die another day in Pilates or double up with Bikram Yoga.  And  thank you for the the many laughs we’ve shared at the marketplace.  Thanks to BYW for the key ring tag.  Those discounts help
Other special thanks to Rica, Stacey, & Holly for being warm, welcoming, loving, and compassionate.  Last, but certainly not least, LD
If it wasn’t for you introducing me to Bikram Yoga many years ago, Mark and I wouldn’t be on enjoying all the benefits in and out of the hot room with the best yoga community in Baltimore!

Monica and Mark we truly appreciate the light and love that you shared with us.  What a wonderful story!  Keep stretching and planking and we’ll see you on the mat!


We love to share your stories.  It’s so important and does so much service to you as well as to others.    THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us on how a committed practice has and continues to improve your health and wellness!   If you are a current member and  interested in sharing your story, we would love to hear from you.  Please send us an email at and until then …see you on the mat!


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