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I started bikram yoga after the birth of my second child in September 2008. I was used to being in the gym and was actually a personal trainer for many years but decided I needed something different. At my first class, I had a great teacher with a thick European accent.

I hardly understood anything he was saying but that didn’t matter because at the end I was HOOKED!!!   I actually cancelled my gym membership a week after I started bikram yoga! Everything that I needed and wanted I got from those 90 minutes. With a stressful job and my home life and everything else, it was my time to really focus on myself. My husband supported me in practicing as often as I could.

I went to teacher training in the spring of 2011 In LA. The nine weeks was hard for me because I had two small children at the time. I made it work because I have a very supportive husband and family. They supported me to go for the time and I also had a supportive boss (I was working full time).  It’s true what they say that doing this yoga makes you bulletproof.  I was able to stay abreast of my day job while at teacher training and still learn the dialogue.

A teacher friend of mine encouraged me to go to teacher training.  She was such an awesome teacher and she really made me feel I could do this.  My husband also started bikram yoga.  It actually became a family affair.  So going to teacher training seemed like the next logical step.  We knew we would do this for the rest of our lives.  When I went to teacher training I had the time of my life.  I knew I made the right decision!

My favorite posture is standing bow pulling. I believe that this posture embodies everything that bikram yoga is about. You have to force yourself to really look at yourself in the mirror. Looking anywhere else will have you falling out of the posture. The focus and concentration required to execute this posture is what meditation is all about. I often tell my students that if they focus on their own self then what’s happening externally won’t disturb them. This is a life skill actually and can be applied in the workplace, with family, in any situation that threatens to disturb your peace.  This posture embodies this for me.

I love teaching because it’s also incredibly meditative for me. You can’t be thinking of your to-do list when your students are relying on you to get them safely in and out of the posture. It’s a dance. It requires your presence as a teacher and the students’ as well. I absolutely love teaching because I can share the love of this practice and the amazing benefits with so many people. There’s nothing close to this yoga. When done the right way the benefits go beyond the physical. It’s emotional; pscychological; social.  So many benefits come from a regular practice. I know this because I have experienced it and through my teaching and now as a studio owner I get to hear from many students how much this practice has changed their lives.

I love practicing because I know what it does for my body.  If I go too many days without actually practicing I start to feel agitated, a little out of sorts.  My practice enables me to be a better mother, partner and Entrepeneur.  With so many balls in the air I can focus better and get my to do list done efficiently. Of course I have help too! But the point is that when things are right with me then things are right with everything around me. My relationships, my business, my parenting. If I take care of myself then I can be available to those I love and who love me.

I discovered my passion through bikram yoga.  

It has given me a way out of an unfulfilling career where even though I was good at what I did I was not happy.  Now I’m happy doing what I love but also helping others. How could I ask for more?

In love and light,
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