How do I use my HSA/FSA benefits?

If you have a MasterCard or Visa issued by your insurance company then it is an easy swipe. Your can purchase your membership in studio or online using your card.

What if my insurance requires a receipt of purchase?

We can issue you a proper receipt that would be acceptable to your insurance company. Just inbox us at info@bikramyogaworks.com

What is a letter of medical necessity and do I need one to enable the studio membership to qualify for FSA or HSA benefits?

You can obtain a “letter of medical necessity” from your doctor which will be filed with your insurance company. This will ensure that the charges are not rejected. The letter of medical necessity can be found on your insurance company’s website. Call your doctor and make an appointment. Share with them the benefits you’ve received from a consistent yoga practice including stress reduction, weight loss, flexibility, reduction in symptoms of arthritis, etc. Bikram yoga can help you with many ailments that arise from our daily lives.

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