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“One of the best investments that you can make in your life is to invest in improving yourself.”

Most New Year’s resolutions seem to be focused on physical changes, but the mind-body connection is undeniable and having the right mindset will create lasting and sustainable change from the inside out.  And Bikram Yoga Works (BYW) is offering a way to do just that with a workshop series offered by none other than Dr. Omékongo Dibinga (“Dr. O”).  Dibinga is a modern day renaissance man and many BYW members may be most familiar with his work as a BYW hot pilates instructor, challenging the cores (pun intended) of all who pass through the hot room with dynamic movements and inspirational coaching (who hasn’t left his class feeling like they can’t take on the world!?!), but his resume runs deeper than fitness guru.  He holds a PhD from UMD and is a motivational speaker, trilingual poet, TV talk show host, rapper, and professor of cross cultural communication at American University.

He is certainly no stranger to engaging with communities and those around him and that is what separates this workshop from others. Emphasis here on the word ‘workshop’ as this is not a stereotypical motivational lecture and participants will leave with more than their money’s worth.  Each 2-hour session is interactive, with lectures, individual and group tasks, public speaking, and exercises designed so that participants will truly have to put in authentic work, not unlike what they do during a yoga class, but even more so for their mind.

The 4-session series focus on multiple level thinking which helps people to dig deeper and peel back the layers to examine what they are feeling and why and how to move forward.

Participating in such a high caliber workshop at the studio is just an extension of the great work that members are already experiencing and in a safe space they are already familiar with.  And added bonus that the person leading the workshop that will likely result in momentous life shifts is someone with whom they are already familiar – Dr. O has been a part of BYW since before day one as one of its co-owners and co-founders. He can certainly relate to the stressors of everyday life that we all experience, serving in so many different roles, while being a husband, father, and brother.

“Our passion is to change lives through body and mind work, so it is a natural progression to offer these new workshops at BYW.   We are thrilled to have our very own “Dr. O” presenting them.  So as we continue our mission to provide a holistic approach to health, it’s necessary for us to offer ways to actively work to develop healthy minds just as we do with our bodies!” emphatically stated Lee McDonald White, Community Engagement Strategist for BYW.

G.R.O.W. Towards Your Greatness is a 4-session program designed to help YOU reach your full potential!  Each 2-hour session will be devoted to a principle from the book “G.R.O.W. Towards Your Greatness!  10 steps to living your best life” which is included in your registration, along with a CD.  You come to class to stretch your body.  Now come to these four workshops to stretch your mind to new heights!

Register here:

What can I expect from the workshops?

Participants will receive four carefully structured sessions:

Session 1 Release | Jan 5th | 6-8pm:

Devoted to the concept of releasing things that hold you down or hold you back

What do you need to release to reach the greatness that is in you waiting to come out?

Who do you need to forgive in order for you to move forward?

Session 2 Overcome | Feb 2nd | 6-8pm;

Fear can paralyze and age you

What do you fear?

Why do you fear it?

Participants will work on the process of breaking fear to move forward towards their greatness

Session 3 Give | Mar 2nd | 6-8pm:

Once process of releasing has started, it creates more room for giving

Giving is living

What is it that you can contribute to yourself (first) and then humanity overall that can help you develop your greatness?

Session 4 Win! | Apr 6th | 6-8pm:

You can win if you do not give in!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail so let’s plan!

We will focus on goal setting and the assignment of accountability partners

We will create an action plan focused on taking you to the next level

Cost:  $199 Members  |  $249 Non Members  |  (Includes 4 Sessions/Book) | Riverdale Park





Also “Drop it Like it’s Hot” HOT PILATES class EVERY 1st Friday at Riverdale Park with Dr. O!






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