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“I just celebrated my 3 year anniversary!  I took to hot yoga immediately because I was able to stretch much more easily.  I’ve experienced better balance and so much more strength in my legs.  The diversity and sense of community keeps me coming back and helps with my ability to stay constant with this program.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like going to yoga, and I must dig down inside to go and have class.”

I enjoy all my teachers…their different approaches and guidance makes the practice fresh and varied.  I find that I am able to meditate during yoga…something that I value.

To a new client  I would encourage them to stick with it; even if you have to lay down for half the class.  Be kind to yourself.  Know your limits.

“Shout out to Kendra, who runs such a professional, life affirming business…YOGAMAMA!”

Testimonial Yogi Greg | Bikram Yoga Ivy City

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