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We have received so many stories from couples and pairs that we’re going to keep sharing this series with you all throughout March too! Our next Spotlight On Love feature is Dennis and Miranda! You may have seen them around the studio because this duo is putting in work together.

How long have you been a couple? And how long have you shared the BYW practice?

“Dennis and I have been together for 22 years. It’s been just over 10 years now that we’ve been practicing together. When we were young, we always worked out together, but once the kids and the jobs took over, we had trouble keeping fit. 

Dennis gained weight and developed almost debilitating plantars fasciitis. He also started having chronic headaches. He felt bad pretty much every day, and that took a toll on him and our relationship. He tried a couple of local gyms but workout related injuries only made things worse. At one point, his injuries had him walking and feeling like an old man.”

Who started first with BYW and how does practicing together motivate you?

“One day, he came home and told me he was going to try Bikram Yoga. I told him that practicing yoga in 105 degree heat was “ridiculous” and “probably dangerous,” but he was almost immediately hooked. He lost weight, his injuries healed and his headaches went away. He was young again. He asked me to just give it try, ‘Just try two classes and then decide.’ I reluctantly agreed. I HATED the first class. I thought it was horrible and nauseating. And then I took the second class.”

How has sharing your practice impacted your relationship?

“Bikram is central to our relationship — it’s our shared thing! It keeps us strong and more importantly, it keeps us happy. I like to joke that Bikram (and now pilates) is an excellent practice in suffering. If you can willingly take on that kind of discomfort every day, then you can better manage the stuff that life throws at you. 

If you can do it with your partner, that’s even better – gotta love shared suffering! Add to that, we get to practice with a really wonderful community of people. We both love how connected we feel to everyone at Riverdale. Getting to be part of this community is precious to both of us. So, Luca-smelly and I are in it for the long haul – with each other and with BYW Riverdale”


We love to share your stories.  It’s so important and does so much service to you as well as to others.    THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us on how a committed practice has and continues to improve your health and wellness!   If you are a current member and  interested in sharing your story, we would love to hear from you.  Please send us an email at and until then …see you on the mat!


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