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A Place That People Can Call Home

There are regular hot yoga studios and then there is Bikram Yoga Works (BYW), a nontraditional wellness haven that offers a supportive, communal environment and an eclectic plethora of classes to compliment one’s yoga practice.   Since the opening of their first studio in 2014, Kendra Blackett-Dibinga and husband, Omekongo Dibinga, have expanded their business to a thriving multi-location practice.

Amidst all of the success, sustaining a consistent practice and aiding her students on their journeys to attain optimal health are the fundamental values that keeps Blackett-Dibginga going.

“The objective is to be the premier wellness studio that offers our communities a range of health and wellness services that meet them where they are.  We have the extremes of hot and cold therapy and movement medicine in between. We love being a place that people can call home.”

Living Life on Her Own Terms

While she never dreamed of being an owner of a yoga franchise, Blackett-Dibinga did foresee being her own boss. Both she and her husband come from families of entrepreneurs, so it was only natural for them to grow a business together.

Among other reasons for deciding to pursue a career in yoga, the desire to be more available to her children was a major, contributing factor to her changeover.

“I was in a career that had me traveling between the US and Africa quite a bit but once I had kids it became harder to justify leaving them for long periods of time.” she remarks.

It was the Bikram Yoga practice, however,  that ignited her passion to live her life on her “own terms.” These days, the super-mom is grateful to have founded a business that is positive, supportive, keeps her a healthy model for her children and students, and most of all, allots her more family time.

The Desire to be a “One Stop Shop”

Although grateful, as  a business woman, Blackett-Dibinga is always thinking of the next move, especially as her wellness vision for her company continues to unfold.  By providing resources  to compliment her students’ individual goals, she wants to become “a one stop shop” for all wellness needs.  

“The idea is to have a center that emphasizes movement medicine, a form of therapy designed to counter a sedentary lifestyle.”

With services like Inferno Hot Pilates, a high intensity interval training, LifeStretch™-, a restorative, mobility-stretch class, Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), a safe method of assisted stretching, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), the application of extremely cold air to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), a therapy that aids cellular rehabilitation, her wellness vision is becoming a reality.  

“We are grateful that we have people on our team who are constantly looking at new technologies that we can introduce to our members.  We try it out on ourselves first and then we decide whether it is something that will complement what we are already offering.”

Living Her Life’s Purpose

Through all that Blackett-Dibinga and her husband have accomplished, her persistence towards living her life on purpose has been a crucial and continuous element in her professional and personal journey.

“The job of the future is the one you create.” she asserts, as she reflects on the legacy she wants to leave behind for her kids.

Hard work and passion serve as the life source of entrepreneurship and she hopes that her studios will be a testament to how hard they will have to work to attain the things they want in life.

“In my life I wanted freedom.” she affirms, and fortunately, Blackett-Dibinga’s tenacity has led  her to her freedom, which is living her purpose “to help others.”

Witnessing her vision of wellness among her community gracefully unfold through an inclusive environment that embraces people of all body types, races, ethnicities and physical abilities is fundamentally what all of this dedication and hard work is about.

“We believe in working on all aspects of a person: Change your Body; Change your Mind; Change your Life!” Blackett-Dibinga exclaims. “There’s no price tag I can place on that!”


BikramYogaWorks studios are independently owned and operated and each location was conceived with YOU in mind. Our intention is to provide you with an exceptional experience from the moment you walk into our studios until you leave our doors. Our state-of-the art facilities offer a friendly environment and several amenities for your comfort and convenience, including plenty of parking, spacious locker rooms and ample showers and a networking zone to meet fellow yogis and like-minded individuals. We also offer a range of classes to meet your needs including Bikram Yoga, LifeStretch, Hot Pilates, and Hot Barre. Wellness services include Cryotherapy (full body and localized), PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), and Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST).

5 locations: Riverdale Park, MD, Ivy City, Takoma Park, MD, Ivy City Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Boston, MS and District Heights, MD OPENING SOON!

Selina Macias | BYW Work Study | Contributing Writer | Blogger

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