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Lately we’ve been highlighting the stories of pairs that do Bikram Yoga together.  So far, we’ve featured mostly couples but friends are getting coming to class together, too. This week, we’re highlighting Issac Rehner and Ben Lagos. The duo are friends and business partners…

When did your friendship begin?
We have been friends for over eight years, and have been working together for the past two years. We met while training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and are now fortunate enough to run our own academy and non-profit in Washington, DC.

We teach, train, and compete full time, and also offer weekly free classes to youth and adults in underserved parts of the District.

How long have you shared BYW practice?

We have only been training at BYW for two months, but from the beginning we committed to attending six classes a week.   This was a rude awakening and a great introduction to training in hot yoga.  The classes have been very challenging, but for us the practice is more for recovery.

Our days are very physical with a lot of contact, and our time in the hot room has really helped us deal with that stress.

Who started first with BYW and how does practicing together motivate you?

We pretty much started at the same time and that was really helpful for us to try something new together as business partners.  We really like the 6 am classes because it gets us up early and helps us start the day out on the right foot!

Has sharing your practice impacted your friendship?

It’s great to have yoga in common with your partner in crime.  It has helped us get on the same page and provides us with some consistency during our week.  Now that we have experienced hot yoga it will be difficult/impossible to go back to not practicing hot yoga!

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