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We recently got the opportunity to talk to Taneea Yarborough the owner of Gangster Vegan Organics DMV which is COMING SOON to Riverdale Park, MD!  The new restaurant and will be located just downstairs from us so stay tuned for more delicious and healthy options coming your way.   Taneea started using our wellness services to help manage symptoms related to chemotherapy and shares with us how she is experiencing the positive effects and benefits of Cryotherapy and PEMF therapy…  

My cancer journey lead me to seek a lifestyle that allowed more control over my time, mental, and physical health.  So often, we are trained to think that you can only follow one method of wellness, but my healing journey has taught me that this isn’t always true.

Why are you interested in trying cryotherapy and P.E.M.F. therapy?

“I first learned about both Cryotherapy and PEMF therapy from Kendra after sharing with her my current journey with chemotherapy.  At the end of this month, I will be wrapping up 5 months of chemotherapy treatments due to Stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer.  With a rigorous treatment plan that includes 2 surgeries and weekly chemo treatments, I need to fight this disease with every resource.  I was most interested due to the potential of both treatments to ease body pain and support the body with internal healing.”

“Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works to reduce pain by helping the body to function in a holistic way. … PEMF devices are medically proven to reduce inflammation & the effects of stress on the body. Added benefits include improving your energy and sleep quality and reduce the stress on the body.”

After your first session, what did you notice?

“My first session included 1 hour of PEMF therapy and a Cryotherapy appointment.  By the following morning, it was apparent that I hadn’t mentioned my bone pain since the session.  I was completely pain-free for three days!”  “Cryotherapy and PEMF therapy are now a part of my weekly wellness routine.”




Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, using extreme cold to induce responses on three levels: the circulatory system, the energy meridians and the nervous system.





How do these therapies complement the other aspects of your treatment?

“I have a great medical team who I trust, however, I know that doctors do not have all the answers regarding the body. I think holistic approaches to health (that include things like Cryotherapy and PEMF therapy) support the things that medicine doesn’t yet understand.”

What would you say to those afraid to try these therapies?

I would say, “what do you have to lose?”

Every form of wellness is important and beneficial, and integrating methods that work and feel best for you is what’s most important.

Tell us more about your journey to health and wellness and Gangster Vegan!

“At the end of this month, Gangster Vegan will be opening in Federal Hill and I will be a 2-time cancer survivor (speaking it into existence!).  With Gangster Vegan, I hope to become apart of others healing journey. Whether you’re intentionally seeking out food-based wellness options or not, our goal is to provide all people – regardless of socioeconomic status – access to a whole, natural cuisine.”  Find out more about her restaurant by visiting 

Do you want to know more about Cryotherapy and P.E.M.F?   Please visit our website for all of our wellness services and check out this previously posted blog A Cold Way to Recover From Your Hot Practice

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